Advanced Analytics

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At POWER SOLUTION we offer solutions for advanced analytics with operational orientation, industrial, commercial or general. We design solutions based on data, tools and analytical models to help companies in decision making.

We provide our Clients with services from treatment/management of data processes up to projects and development of intelligence models artificial for real-time actions.

Our offer is made up of 5 blocks:

Data Value Operations

(ETL, cleaning and adequacy of data, enrichment, design and implementation of data structures, data quality)

Advanced Analytics

(Datamarts and Dashboards for optimization in decision making, from statistics descriptive to deep learning, integration with Web scraping, Digital Mapping, IoT, Digital marketing)


(Analysis of the complete value of the Client, B2B and B2C, customer contribution and margin, quota, saturation and elasticity, new KPIs)

Data Regulatory Compliance

(GDPR compliance, advice on models governance, implementation and configuration of tools, Robinson list management)

Cloud Computing for Data

(Collaboration in the design of platforms for data, 7x24 operation, process monitoring and data quality)

We have a methodology that combines the best practices of CRISP_DM and Agile, adapted to the client workflow. At POWER SOLUTION we have also created a methodology own for the early identification of analytical case opportunities (ITOAA ©)
Our team uses for each project the best combination of data mining tools and analyzes existing in the market complemented with the development of models in Python and R.

We can integrate and create data structures in any of the existing data platforms in the market, both in on-premise schemes and in the cloud.


The solutions we develop are used in different sectors such as energy, banking, telecommunications, industry, retail to optimize the business decision making. Our team has extensive experience in implementation use cases successful in leading companies.

In commercial areas our use cases include price optimization, customer segmentation different cases, customer value), optimization of campaigns, offer optimization (portfolio, multiproduct, etc.), demand forecast stock-out prediction, retention models (churn), fraud detection, force optimization sales, franchise network optimization, analysis digital marketing etc.

In the area of ​​operations and logistics some use cases are the prediction of events (teams, performance), transportation fleet optimization, portfolio optimization purchase-sale-logistics contracts, relocation optimization fleet (carsharing), transportation demand prediction (carsharing), network behavior (sales, operations,…) in real time, etc.

In the area of ​​general management, we can mention recruitment optimization reskilling, automatic triage of incidents, etc.

At POWER SOLUTION we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in multiple cases of professionals with extensive experience in multiple cases of successful use, applicable to different sectors (industry, energy, banking, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, media)

We work with an innovative operational model that allows us to offer service flexibility and costs most competitive in the market.
We are technology agnostic and adopt the tools preferred by the Client.
Because of our experience in the industry, we have vision and business language.
We promote analytics as a discipline with practical orientation to business results